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Elephant Condom Freedom Hydro-PU 001 (3's)

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1) What is Polyurethane?

• It is called Polyurethane, shorter called - PU. Polyurethane as a Latex Condom Alternative.

2) What are the advantages?

• PU can make condoms 1x thinner than natural latex. It has the characteristics of high strength, high density, and high thermal conductivity. It has the strength of latex but transmits heat and sensation better and can be thinner, stronger, and protects against latex allergies compare to Latex condoms.

~ *Research has shown that 55mm Polyurethane (PU) condoms are the standard size, equivalent to 52mm Latex.

1) 聚氨酯是什么?

• 全称为聚氨基甲酸酯(英文:Polyurethane)简称PU。聚氨酯可作为乳胶安全套的替代品。

2) 优点是?

• 具有强度高、致密性高、导热性高等特点。与传统的天然乳胶安全套(Latex Condom)相比,聚氨酯(PU)可以做到比天然乳胶的安全套薄一倍, 而且它有乳胶的强度,但传热和感觉会更好。比起乳胶安全套,它更薄,更强,还能防乳胶过敏。

~ *研究表明:55mm聚氨酯安全套为标准尺寸,等同于乳胶材质52mm尺寸。

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